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4-aminopyridine 100 Capsules


100 capsules (5mg)


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4-aminopyridine is potassium channel blocker.

4-aminopyridine, for many people alleviates the symptoms of spasticity
4-AP (or 4-aminopyridine) is a drug that improves the function of surviving nerve fibers in your spinal cord. Most people with spinal cord injury still have some connections, but many have lost their myelin (an insulating material) and cannot conduct signals well. 4-AP allows these de-myelinated axons to send signals.

4-AP, for some people demonstrably increases walking speed. One MS patient reported being able to dance.


Generally, for relief of spasticity, people usually take 5-10mg every 2-4 hours
At doses of up to 40 milligrams per day, oral immediate release formulations of 4-AP appear to have few side effects.

Our 4-AP is stored at 4 degrees Centigrade and encapsulated to order, we guarantee the freshest quality.

The patented, timed-release version of 4-AP, Ampyra retails at an eye-watering $1000 per month.

We offer 4-ap at an excellent price, postage included and unlike other vendors we ship our 4-ap from Europe.

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